David’s Story

David, 52 has enjoyed a successful career throughout his life. He grew up in Knotty Ash in Liverpool and left school with 7 GCSE’s.

He started working in a fish market to earn a living and attended Riversdale College of Technology to study for a diploma in electronics and communication.

He joined the Army in 1984 with the Royal Signals first armoured division at Catterick Garrison. He completed three months basic training with 7 signs then trade training with 8 sigs and spent four years in West Germany.

Hie didn’t complete any operational tours and when he found out he was going to be re-posted to Germany, he decided to leave.

He moved to London working at St. James’s Club in Mayfair working as a valet parking attendant for two years meeting and greeting famous celebrities and film stars.

His brother, who lives in Jersey, phoned him one day and invited him over for a week’s holiday. He offered him a job helping to build a dam in St. Lawrence and ended up living there for two years.

He moved back to the UK and enjoyed successful careers working as a linesman for Balfour Beatty for five years, a HGD for North West Paper in Preston for ten years, Ports and Docks HSE for five years then SRS rail systems as a linesman fixing the power lines above the trains.

Life was good – he has two sons aged 19 and 21 and was married for seven years but his world fell apart when he lost his mum in 2015 and then his dad in 2017. This was a very traumatic time for him and he turned to drink to help him cope with his loss.

David has tried to take his life twice. In July 2018, he jumped into the Mersey and thankfully, was rescued and sectioned. He tried again in December 2018 when he took out a knife hoping he would get shot dead. These were very difficult, dark times.

“If I hadn’t found Launchpad, I would have been in a grave. I feel relieved. I now have the support I need and a roof over my head. The staff have been brilliant and are always there to talk to when I need them. I am seeing two councillors to address my alcohol and mental health issues.

“Launchpad has been a godsend. By living with fellow residents, we can all relate to each other. They are there if we need to speak to someone or if we just need some time to ourselves, we can do so in the comfort of our own flats. I’ve been lucky because a friend who has since left Speke House gave me all his furniture.”

David has daily contact with one of his sons and hopes to re-build his relationship with the other. He knows they are both living in Portsmouth and hopes one day, when he feels ready, to move down to Portsmouth to be closer to his two sons and hopefully get his life back on track.