Our Team

Launchpad’s trustees oversee all activities of the charity.

They come from a cross-section of community sectors and bring individual experiences and capabilities to bear on the charity. They are guided by the advice and rules of the Charity Commission and Charity law. From time to time, the membership of the board of trustees is changed in order to bring in fresh ideas. The trustees are unpaid however, they may claim travel and subsistence costs to attend meetings and to visit the Launchpad houses in the course of charity business.

Trustees & CEO

Lucy Perriam


Ken McMillan


Dr Philip Mixer


Richard Dixon-Warren

Mark Underhill


Sarah-Louise McCartney

Major General David Shaw




Charity Secretary: Leads on financial, administrative and HR support, working with our accountant and HR specialist.


Manager: Each house has a manager responsible for day-to-day operations.  They oversee all aspects of operation and planning for residents and the house for which they are responsible.


Deputy Manager: Stands in for the manager.  Oversees financial aspects of the house. Detailed understanding of resident veterans’ personal plans.  Conducts liaison with most partner organisations.


Assistant Manager (Facilities):  Ensures facilities are good for purpose and runs planned maintenance programmes and contingent repairs.  Provides additional counselling to residents, when required.


Assistant Manager (Projects): Plans and executes community projects and activities for the residents.


Specialist Caseworker: Oversees welfare support for residents.


Facilities and IT Manager (Speke House): Overseas all facilities arrangements and maintenance and has overall responsibility for IT across Launchpad.

Mandy Crompton

Company Secretary

Phil Thompson

Manager Avondale House and Hollyacre House

Samantha Jackson

Manager Speke House

Business Development and Fundraising

Craig Downs

Business Development Manager (North East)

Gary Perriton

Business Development Manager (North West)


James Rose

Dan Smith