Will’s Story

“If it wasn’t for Launchpad’s Speke House, I would have been struggling on the streets and sofa surfing. I may not even be here.”

Will self-referred to Speke House after finding himself homeless and dependent on drugs and alcohol which he had been using to cope with some difficult circumstances. Having served five years in the Army as part of the Royal Logistic Corps including a tour of Afghanistan, Will had been discharged due to a failed drugs test. In the following years, he continued to suffer from depression and anxiety and is currently undergoing assessment to see if he also has PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Speke House gave Will the chance to have a supportive fresh start.

Having completed a 12-week residential programme for drug and alcohol dependency in 2014, Will had coped well until a change in circumstances found him homeless and staying at the YMCA. Since moving into Speke House, Will has not only given up all drugs and alcohol but has also gained meaningful permanent full-time employment.

Without the help and support of Speke House, Will fears he would have lived a life of sofa-surfing or not surviving. The support he has received from staff along with engagement from external agencies has allowed him to completely turn his life around.

Having previously tried to take his own life, he said: “I open up to staff now when I am feeling low”, and added that he now feels settled, happy and safe. Having accommodation at Speke House also allowed Will to start working again.

In the four months since leaving Speke House, he has gained employment with a demolition company where he was offered permanent employment after just a few weeks’ work gained through an agency. Will feels this has helped him to settle and given him a new outlook on life.

Perhaps the biggest joy for Will is being able to provide for his daughter again.

Will continued: “I want to continue to work and see my daughter on a regular basis. The future looks bright. I can’t wait to have my own home and to be able to provide more for my daughter and create a happy life for us.”

We are pleased to report that Will has now successfully moved on and we wish him well.