We are a charity that supports veterans; this is a continuous activity and fundraising and donations are an important part of our income.

We welcome donations, legacies and people taking part in fundraising activities to raise money for Launchpad.

The charity costs around £800K annually to run and relies on donations from individuals and businesses to continue running each house.  Some of that cost is covered through grants, some from rent paid by the veterans from their housing allowance or earnings, and some is raised through fundraising.

If you are running a marathon, dancing for 24 hours, wanting to leave some money in your will to Launchpad or raising money some other way, please do tell us and we will help you plan your event or help you with your action.

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Small is beautiful, 5.8 million people can’t be wrong!

Are you one of the 5.8 million small and mighty businesses in the UK?

Over the last 12 months, 48% of small businesses have supported local or national charities.

They really do want to make a difference to their communities by adopting an ethical and purpose-led stance to how they run their business.

Purpose-led businesses are loved by their customers who would switch brands to support a cause that is important to them. Working with charities makes economic sense, if you support a charity tell your customers – you will acquire new customers as a result. Today’s consumer is more likely than ever to have an interest how you support your local community.

At Launchpad, we work with military veterans who have been homeless and need a bit of extra support. Today, we have up to 100 veterans living with us and are working hard to develop new skills so they can secure employment, have their own safe place and build a fulfilling and happy life.

How can a small business help a military veteran?

One of the easiest ways to support Launchpad is to donate a small proportion of your profit to the charity. If 1 in 20 businesses donated just 1% of their income, an extra £1billion would be given to charity and in the current difficult times, when many homeless people are about to be thrown out of the hotel accommodation the government provided during the pandemic, that support is needed now more than ever. What could 1% of your profit do for a military veteran like Ian?

Ian’s story

“During my time at Avondale, I have received the support and guidance to enable me to move forward in a positive way. I now feel more equipped for independent living”. Ian has had a whole new lease of life through Launchpad. He is now looking towards a positive future and wants to become a nurse, which he is taking steps towards doing.

How can you support Launchpad?

It’s so simple:

1. Contact our Business Development Managers Gary (North West) or Craig (North East)
2. They will get you set up with an agreement
3. You start helping military veterans find a better life

It really is that simple.