Volunteering can come in many different forms and is a great way for you to get involved in helping our resident veterans on their journeys.  Here are just some of ways you could get involved, but we are also open to suggestions and ideas!

Adventurous pursuits provide welcome relief for the veterans. It keeps them fit and provides a challenge that helps the individuals face the challenges of life, as well as providing a potential entrée to a new pursuit or hobby.

Community projects help our veterans to develop their confidence and abilities.  Previous projects have included refurbishing a children’s drop-in centre, painting and decorating, erecting fencing around a school.  We try to carry these tasks out for a minimum cost and most of the time, materials are provided.

Our resident veterans are keen to meet people who have trade skills that can help them.  We are very lucky to be guided by professional trade staff in areas such as garden and landscaping, running your own business, painting and decorating, cooking and DIY skills.

We also encourage volunteers who can meet and engage with residents in an informal mentoring role or other activity.  If you have time and the inclination, please do get in contact with the manager of each house directly, or through email.

In return, we may also be able to promote the work you provide by working with and supporting our residents via PR, social media and on our website.

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