Wayne’s Story

“Launchpad saved me. They have provided me with a safe place I can call home and I am really settled there. I feel much more positive about my future.”

Wayne served for three years as an infantry soldier in the Army and completed a tour of Northern Ireland.

Due to a foot and knee injury whilst on service, Wayne regrettably had to leave the Army under medical discharge. This was devastating to him as he wanted to complete his full 22 years of service just as his brother had done. His medical discharge led to feelings of low mood, anxiety and PTSD.

Wayne found himself in a very difficult set of circumstances following the death of his partner which ultimately led him to drug and alcohol addiction, and he found himself homeless. He was then referred to Speke House where he felt he would get the support he needed for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

The support Wayne has received from Speke House has turned his life around. Though he is currently not working, Wayne has been supported through his drug and alcohol addiction and through his willingness to come to staff for support says, “I am coping really well at the minute”. Wayne often engages with tasks around Speke House including the redecoration of the building and the allotment.

He has also been supported by staff in applying for his Army Benevolent Fund (ABF) which will allow him to buy furniture for a home of his own when he moves out of Speke House.

He said,

“If it wasn’t for Launchpad, I would be a lost soul with nowhere to live. Launchpad has saved me and provided me with a safe place to call home – I am really happy and settled here.


“I am focused and very positive about the future now. I feel when I move on from Launchpad, I’ll be in a much more focused place knowing I will be able to furnish my home and make it comfortable. I couldn’t have done that without Launchpad’s support. They have saved me.”

We are pleased to report that Wayne has now successfully moved on and we wish him well.