David’s Story

“If I hadn’t found Launchpad, I would probably be dead, sectioned or in prison. Launchpad has provided me with a stable environment and the essential support I needed and I am in a much better place now.”

David, 63, served 13 years in the Army Catering Corps covering three tours of Northern Ireland between 1977-1982.

He left the Army to provide stability for his family and be there for his daughter who was starting school. He said: “I enjoyed my time in the Army but it was the right time for me to leave and find a normal job to provide for my family.”

He has been living at Launchpad for six years and although he admits he has issues [with his mental health], he is confident he is in a much better place thanks to the support he has received.

David enjoys looking after people and helps some of the more vulnerable residents with activities and chores and supports them the best he can. He has become a member of his local church and hopes one day to become a lay preacher.

He is a father figure and is always seen volunteering to help with any activities around the house.

After leaving the Army, he experienced issues with his mental health and began drinking heavily. He ended up being sectioned by the NHS crisis team and became a patient at Liverpool’s Hope and Recovery for three months.

He said he was at rock bottom and didn’t think there was any hope for him until he was introduced to Launchpad. David still has issues with his mental health but receives support with his medication every two weeks.

Thanks to Queen Mary Roehampton Trust, David has also benefitted from a War Pension which was facilitated by staff at Launchpad for which he is very grateful. He said: “The staff at Launchpad have been brilliant. Not only have they provided safe and secure accommodation, they put a plan in place to support me with my benefits and medication. They helped me access grants such as the one from Queen Mary Roehampton Trust for which I am very grateful.”

David doesn’t quite feel ready to move on just yet but hopes to find suitable accommodation such as supported accommodation. He also knows that when he does leave Launchpad, he can continue to seek support from the staff and access the alumni service which supports residents once they have moved on and support to access other services from organisations such as SSAFA and the Royal British Legion wherever they decide to settle.