Kevin’s Story

“Launchpad saved me from sleeping on the streets.”

Kevin was born in the British Military Hospital in Hanover, Germany and was influenced by his family who served.

His father was in the Army and retired a Royal Logistics Corps WO1. His mother was ex Royal Navy, his stepfather was in the RAF Regiment and both Grandfathers served in the military during World War Two. Kevin’s maternal Grandfather was a Royal Marine and his Paternal Grandfather was in the Polish Special Forces.

Kevin left school and joined the Army in September 1987 age 16 as a Junior Soldier in the Royal Anglian Regiment Part of The Queens Division. He was based at the Junior Infantry Battalion in Shorncliffe. He left in December of the same year due to injury and hoped to re-enlist sometime in the future.

He became a Sergeant Instructor with Lancashire Army Cadet Force, affiliated to the King’s Own Royal Border Regiment and the Queens Lancashire Regiment in 1993. Kevin spent three and a half years (from 1999 – 2002) as paint sprayer in the RAF. He started experiencing breathing difficulties and developed industrial asthma, due to the paints and other toxic substances that were used.

Kevin’s condition has worsened in the last few years and finds exercise, weather and other allergens such as pollen dust, which can cause problems. Kevin has also experienced extreme weight gain due to Prednisolone (steroid) intake, irregular heart rhythms (ectopic heart beats) and very bad anxiety. This is due to a rare ear disorder called Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome (SCDS).

“I get frequent panic attacks. I hate loud or sudden noises, confrontation, tiredness or being put in difficult situations as these all set off my irregular heartbeats, which can last for days.” He said.

Since leaving the forces, Kevin has held many different jobs, working in the Health and Social Care Sector but is ready for a change and would like to work in the field of Cyber Security or as a CCTV Operator.

Kevin enjoys a range of hobbies including fishing, model making, DJ’ing, water colour painting, cooking, gardening, DIY and cycling.

He is looking forward to the opportunities ahead with Launchpad, saying:

“I would like to get myself better. I like the recognition that even though I am not ex-Army, I am still in receipt of a War Disablement Pension due to my service. When I am a decent level of fitness and weight loss, I would like to pursue my career aspirations.


“Launchpad saved me from sleeping on the streets. The staff here have consistently shown true empathy and commitment in assisting me to settle into a comfortable environment. The flat I am living in is perfect and the veteran-based resources and activities are second to none. Launchpad has shown me that veterans are respected in society and that there is light at the end of the tunnel for those who truly need assistance with the transition back into a society.”