Some of our resident veterans from Avondale House enjoyed a relaxing day out fishing up in the beautiful surroundings of Northumberland this week.

The day was organised by the Angling Trust, the sport’s governing body in England, and has become a popular day out for many of our residents, giving them time to relax, unwind and get away for life’s daily stresses.

Fishing is fun activity for our residents to engage in and on this occasion, they were catching carp at a lake in Bellingham near Hexham.

The photo shows Avondale resident Mick after catching a carp, which he later released back into the lake.

The Angling Trust provide all the essentials including the tackle and bait, licence and transport.

Commenting on the eventful trip, Mick, said: “Fishing has always been a hobby of mine and it helps me to take time out and re-focus my mind. I love being outdoors in the fresh air and I think it’s great that Launchpad and the Angling Trust organise these trips for us. It’s one of many activities that are organised by the charity to help veterans rehabilitate.

“Launchpad is not just about putting a roof over someone’s head, it’s about providing the necessary support that will help veterans like me and other residents on their journey.”

Sam Hughes, Assistant Manager Projects at Avondale House in Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne, said: “After four months of lockdown, it’s great to see the impact this has had. Just to get out of the house and be at one with nature and do the sport you enjoy doing has given our residents a huge boost. I’d like to thank the Angling Trust for organising this trip, which was made even more spectacular by catching a few fish.

“To support our residents, we provide a range of purposeful activities every week, including sports, recreation and volunteering, so veterans can rediscover their confidence, self-esteem and wellbeing. The activities are provided in a safe, supportive environment by our staff and partner organisations, but where veterans also help each other on their road to recovery.”