We are pleased to publish our Impact Report for the financial year ending June 2023. To view a copy, please click here.

During the year, we supported 137 veterans across all three houses. 88% of those from homelessness, 96% with mental health issues and 86% from long-term unemployment.

The statistics that most indicate positive outcomes, ‘Employment’ and ‘Successful Move-on’ were 32% and 60% respectively.

This year, the charity celebrated its 10th anniversary, and we organised a series of events and activities to raise vital awareness and funding. We were also delighted to be selected by the government as one of nine funded organisations to reduce veterans’ homelessness. As part of a two-year £8.5 million programme, vulnerable veterans across the UK can access Op FORTITUDE, a dedicated pathway for veteran rough sleepers.

We’d like to thank the many funding organisations and volunteers that have and continue to support Launchpad. We’d also like to thank our wonderful staff, who, without them, means we couldn’t deliver the fantastic services we do to support our resident veterans.