Launchpad was established to support veterans from all British services.

We provide high quality accommodation and targeted support, with the help of specialist partners, to help them stabilise their lives and make a successful transition from military to civilian life.

Around 90% of the veterans who arrive at Launchpad are homeless and we have supported over 525 veterans within our two houses in Newcastle and Liverpool since 2013.

Of course, for most veterans, the transition from the armed forces to civilian life is smooth but, those few who can’t resettle easily, face challenges such as homelessness, poverty, mental and physical health issues, addictions, broken families and unemployment.

Without charities and organisations such as ourselves that provide essential support services to our veterans, where would they turn to to get the vital help they need if funding for these services stopped?

Evidence suggests that veterans are reluctant to engage in mainstream services. But, if Government funding to provide these services is cut, it may put veterans in a difficult position where they will have to choose between engaging in a mainstream homelessness service or not engaging at all.

This is why Launchpad, alongside Riverside, Stoll and Alabaré, have written to Chancellor Rishi Sunak demanding the provision of new funding to the tune of £5.5M over two years to maintain support services to veterans including counselling, training and support for people with PTSD and problems with substance or alcohol misuse.

Although we will all continue to provide essential accommodation for homeless veterans, cuts to Government funding will inevitably mean additional mental health support services provided by Riverside, Stoll and Alabaré may have to stop.

It’s not the first time we’ve campaigned together, we submitted a funding policy paper to Government outlining the social benefit provided by our organisations and the need for Government support in the face of other Government funding pressures that were being applied in the sector.

Launchpad operates a different financial model from the other three organisations. 60% of our income is collected through Housing Benefit and the remaining 40% is raised through grant-funding; this requires us to demonstrate to the funding bodies our effectiveness at helping our veterans. You can read about the impact and positive outcomes our service has on our residents via the following link:

We engage fundraising experts to work with us to build relationships with our own contacts, with local authorities and Cobseo (The Confederation of Service Charities) veterans’ housing and support sector. We have secured funding from military charities such as the Veterans’ Foundation, the Royal British Legion, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity and the Armed Forces Covenant Fund. The remaining funds are raised from local fundraising and applying to non-military trusts and foundations.

So, although we are not wholly dependent on Government funding like the other three organisations, we support this campaign as we share similar values of beliefs that no veteran should be homeless and it is vital they are able to access the support they need to help them address their often, complex needs.

David Shaw, CEO and co-founder of Launchpad