Daniel’s Story

“When I was offered accommodation at Speke House in Liverpool, it made me happy because I felt like my troubles were starting to finally end and I had a safe place to call home.”

Daniel, 31, joined the British Army as a young solder at the age of 17. He served with 3rd Battalion the Rifles (3 Riffles) to gain experience and have the opportunity to travel the world but after four years, he was medically discharged in 2010.

After leaving the military, his relationship with his partner broke down. He found himself homeless and became alcohol dependent to cope with the situation he found himself in. He needed help – a lifeline that would help him to get his life back on track.

That lifeline was Launchpad and while living in Stoke-on-Trent, it was his local council who referred him to Speke House. He moved into the house in November 2019 and hasn’t looked back. Since living at Speke House, his life has changed considerably.

Not only has Launchpad provided him with safe, secure accommodation, he is also receiving support from staff with his benefits and, with the assistance of specialist providers, to address his dependence on alcohol.

He also engages well with other residents and has gained his CSCS card with local training provider, Speke Training & Education Centre (STEC). This has resulted in securing employment at the local B&M factory.

“Launchpad has supported me in several ways. Not only have they provided me with accommodation and given me the support I needed, I have also gained my CSCS card which has ultimately resulted in me securing a job.

“They have also helped me with food bank information where I go when I was struggling to put food in my cupboard and I have also completed a five-week health and wellbeing course which I really enjoyed and gained a lot of information and had time for self-reflection.

“If I hadn’t found Launchpad, I would have carried on using hostels and living on the streets, drinking and suffering with all the issues that come along with it. I am grateful I found somewhere I can call home, gained new skills and secured employment.”

The future is bright for Daniel and he is now in a much better positive place. He has a completely different look on life. He is looking forward to getting back to Stoke and starting afresh with a new job.

Since writing this case study, we are pleased to report that Daniel has moved out of Speke House and into his own home. We wish him well and he knows he is always welcome to pop back for a coffee whenever he feels.